Other artists

People we know and like.

People we’d like to know.

watch this space for more recommendations…

We know life isn’t always fun, but these people show something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour. We’d like a Bottle Bank Arcade Machine on every street corner please: www.thefuntheory.com

Jen Skinners laugh out loud animations that observe the quirks of everyday: jenskinner.blogspot.com

Object dialog boxes beautifully crafted boxes that feed the imagination: www.objectdialoguebox.com

Art and architecture practice that are out there changing the world the better: www.what-if.info

Tabitha Moses weird and wonderful textile adventures and explorations: www.tabithakyokomoses.com

Owl Project pushing the boundaries of technology and our ears: www.owlproject.com

Ben Robertson our trusty, reliable and patient web oracle: www.benrobertson.co.uk

The Bruce High Quality Foundation University with a motto after our own heart; Professional challenges. Amateur solutions: www.Bhqfu.org

Super intelligent Jim Loftus knows how to make something beautiful and playful. Harriet’s favourite is his pinhole camera constructions: www.scopotrope.com

Peepshow collaboration having the kind of fun we like to: www.peepshow.org.uk

Corridor8 cutting edge annual contemporary visual arts magazine based in the North of England: www.corridor8.co.uk

Good pie chart of the origin of their ideas: www.Designers-anonymous.com

Harriet’s oldest friend who has turned a teenage obsession with passport photos into artworks: www.katetyler.co.uk

Lush pop up paper designer who has clear instructions for great pop up cards you can make yourself: www.robertsabuda.com

Imaginative science-art inspiration and great resources: www.exploratorium.edu

Good online web activities including really spot on video animations about artists: kids.tate.org.uk

We NEED Gillian Kyles Tunnocks teacake bag for our visit to the home of all Tunnocks: www.gilliankyle.com

A tour round the Tunnocks factory is on the i-a to do list: www.tunnock.co.uk

i-a would like to endorse these Random Acts of Kindness providers: www.thekindnessoffensive.com

See other people creative and crazy ideas and follow step by step examples: www.craftzine.com

Professional contemporary landscape designer with more than a pretty face: www.jdnoble.co.uk

Good ideas for fun gifts: www.suck.uk.com

Jim Medway “Meow”: www.jimmedway.com


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